Message from CEO

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit the Crest Education website. Since our inception, we have grown into a consultancy that is continuously delivering the best study abroad services possible to our applicants. As a CEO of this educational consultancy, I am fully aware of the best education practices and have included them into Crest culture. Our success depends on our employees, and we value their contribution.
At Crest, we cherish each and every customer, and embrace their mission. If you are an applicant or a potential student, we take your mission as our mission. We will do whatever legally possible to make your goals and ambitions come true. We value your feedback and always incorporate your comments to achieve continuous improvements.
Superior quality and customer satisfaction are the primary themes for Crest and its employees. They remain an integral part of how we operate. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our past and present achievements. This puts us in the top few quality and process oriented companies here in Nepal. From day one of every student, we track the progress closely and deliver results. Our process oriented method is scalable for handling students of varying complexities and for good performance base.
We also recognize the importance of teaming with other businesses, both large and small, and are interested in partnering with forward thinking firms in order to enhance the value to our customers. If you are considering joining Crest, we encourage you to talk to us in person. We would love to explain the exciting offers and recent changes made by educational system all over the world.
We hope to hear from you and welcoming you to our growing organization. Let us grow together!
Yuba Raj Khadka

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